Below is a list of resources regarding dolphin intelligence, cetacean cognition, ethics, and animal issues broadly that will be valuable for students, researchers or anyone with a general interest.

Sonar’s Director of Research, Dr. Toni Frohoff, has published many books including Between Species and Dolphin Mysteries.

Sonar Advisor Dr. Thomas White’s book In Defense of Dolphins provides overviews of ethical and moral issues of keeping dolphins in captivity, including extensive discussions on nonhuman personhood.

Sonar Advisor Susan Casey is a best-selling author who writes about all things ocean. She explores the fascinating world of dolphins in Voices in the Ocean,¬†huge, wild waves in The Wave, and diving into a whole new realm with sharks in Devil’s Teeth.

Sonar advisor Marc Bekoff has written many books on animal cognition and ethology. His books include The Emotional Lives of Animals, The Animals’ Agenda, Species of Mind, and The Smile of a Dolphin.

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