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Protect Our Dolphins

The world is changing and so we must change also. Through protecting dolphins, we help ourselves and our shared coastal habitat for the benefit of generations of dolphin and human children to come.

 Please Help the Dolphins & Donate With a Much-Needed Tax-Deductible Donation:

By clicking above, you can use a credit/debit Card (or PayPal) … Your Choice!

Donations are a vital part of this “pod” working on behalf of our local dolphin and human community.
By making a tax-deductible contribution to this very well-established and *all-volunteer*, 501(c)3 organization of twenty years, TerraMar Research (our “parent” organization) ensures that, every dollar and gift will count!

We would also greatly benefit from a tax-deductible donation of a small but seaworthy boat
(or use of a boat, with a captain) for occasional coastal surveys – and binoculars, camera, and video equipment. If you are willing and kind enough to offer, please contact us
(we can acknowledge your contribution publicly or privately as preferred).

For more information or to volunteer, kindly contact us by email or go to the website for TerraMar Research, the 501(c)3 for which POD is a new and pivotal project. Thank you!

Protect Our Dolphins


We also invite you to tell us we can meet your needs in the environmental, animal, cultural, scientific, and educational community as well!  As we expand in Santa Barbara, we are working hard to complimenting the wonderful work of already-established groups and individuals by filling in the ‘dolphin gaps’ with new bridges and inspirational splashes!


Content & all photographs (c) 2009 Protect Our Dolphins, except for banner photo (c) 2007 Jim Elferdink whom we thank.
We are also grateful for the logo created by James “Bud” Bottoms (creator of the Santa Barbara Friendship Fountain) with Kyle’s creative touch.
* We invite you to email POD with any questions or inquiries*