Thank you, Architect!

October 28, 2015 Sonar Team

Architect is a creative agency based in London, UK. Their team created the beautiful Sonar site and branding, and really helped shape our vision into a reality. Our whole Sonar team is grateful to everyone who has worked on this project over these past months, who have given their creativity, enthusiasim, and generosity to this work. And it shows!

We made this little video on our excursion to Bimini in September. Featuring, from left to right: Eve Copeland, Sonar writer; Mark J. Palmer, Sonar Advisor; Craig Markson, Dr. Toni Frohoff, Sonar’s Director of Research; Laura Bridgeman, Director of Sonar, and Rachel Littler, Digital Project Manager at Architect.

Thank you Architect! from Sonar on Vimeo.


We <3 you, Architect! Thank you for everything.