San Francisco Recognizes Dolphin, Whale Rights

October 21, 2014 Laura Bridgeman

On Wednesday, October 21, 2014, San Francisco recognizes dolphin, whale rights for the first time. I worked on this campaign along with Russell Tenofsky, who initiated the campaign. Take a look at the official resolution here. 

As Russell and I sat in the hearing room waiting for our turn to speak, I was nervous  – I wasn’t sure it would succeed. It was a progressive resolution, backed by supervisor Scott Weiner, and not an easy one to pass: especially with language including “every whale and dolphin has the right to be free of captivity, and to remain unrestricted in their natural environment.”

San Francisco Recognizes Dolphin, Whale Rights

However, thanks to the nearly seventy highschool kids who wrote letters supporting the resolution, it was passed and remains in effect to this day:



This resolution will come in handy for future nonhuman personhood advocacy for cetaceans and we hope, for other species as well. This is just another small step towards evolving our ways of thinking about ‘nature’ and how we relate to other-than-human beings.