Romanian Dolphin Nonhuman Personhood Law

February 7, 2014 Mat McDermott

Excerpt taken from Vice’s Motherboard.

Remus Cernea, a member of Romanian parliament, has introduced draft legislation that would recognize dolphins as “non-human persons.”

Under the proposed law, dolphins would have the right to: life; bodily integrity and to be free from any acts of cruelty; “free movement within their own natural environment, not to be captured or held in captivity for purposes other than being offered medical assistance or being protected from impending danger;” and “to be protected in their own living natural environment, and not to be separated from the group or family he or she belongs” [sic].

The legislation has the backing of high-profile campaigners. Laura Bridgman says, “Just as important as increasing legal protections for dolphins is shifting our commonly held views about them. Our treatment of dolphins has yet to catch up with what we know scientifically about these beings.

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Photo credit: Carey Akin/Flickr